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BOA MAX 2 Therapy

Our BOA compression therapy system works from the bottom of your feet up to your chest. Developed in Poland and adapted from the proven principals of Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Including Vodder massage principal), the BOA device offers on of the most effective and safe lymphatic drainage therapies on the market. There are various programs available including sports massage, lymphatic drainage, relaxation, and slimming/cellulite treatments. The BOA compression therapy is a pulsating sequential, pressure massage with specific algorithms to target the above protocols.



For Beauty & Slimming

Lymphatic Drainage using the BOA MAX 2 device is intensive nourishment and detoxification. Lymphatic Drainage is an excellent method of eliminating waste products from the organism. It stimulates blood and lymph circulation, improves nourishment and oxygenation of the body cells. Lymphatic drainage, according to Vodder’s technique enables transport of nutrients and white blood cells. During the massage, the lymph is drained, giving an instant relief from embolisms and edemas. As a result, lymphatic drainage detoxifies the body and helps to slimming and reduce weight. The BOA MAX 2 device has 24 chamber sleeves and is the only device in the world with algorithm based on Vodder’s manual massage chamber. Other devices on the market offers solely pneumatic massage without proper lymphatic drainage. The procedure using BOA MAX 2 can intensify effects of other therapies for weight reduction like detoxifying diets, lipolysis, and ultrasound cavitation.